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"I stepped into my first classroom fifty years ago as a teacher in a one-room schoolhouse. Five continents, a million miles, thousands of students and dozens of schools later, I have reached another first in my professional journey…I've created a comprehensive program which will empower parents to become their young child's first and best teachers."

Dr. Joseph D. Randazzo, founder of Randazzo/ Montessori and developer of the Smart-Start Learning System, began his teaching career in the 1950's in a rural community in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains in Massachussetts.

It was that experience, in a one-room schoolhouse, that launched his lifelong quest for the optimum learning environment for all young children and their families. The journey was long and rewarding, and took him to teaching in farming communities in Portugal and Spain, to inner-city internships in London and Bergamo (Italy), and then back to London to join the Montessori/British Infant School reform movement in the 1960's. His studies and experiences on the Continent allowed him the incomparable distinction of having personal and professional relationships with two of the most celebrated education families of the 20th century -- the Montessoris (Ada and Mario) and the Piagets (Jean and children). Dr. Randazzo's groundbreaking 1969 publication, "The Case For Early Learning," resulted from these fruitful experiences and friendships.

Returning to the United States, Dr. Randazzo carried the reform banner of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) to Connecticut, Massachussetts, and South Florida as a teacher, principal, associate professor of education, associate superintendent of schools, and dean of the School Center at Nova University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Dr. Randazzo was the founding Headmaster of the University Schools and the Randazzo Schools, private preparatory schools serving infants through high-school students.

Today, Dr. Randazzo seeks to reconnect contemporary, changing families to the age-old virtues of childrearing and nurturing. In creating the Smart-Start system, Dr. Randazzo infuses the spirit of home and family into the classroom and, for young children, reconnects the classroom to the home and family where it used to be, and once again should be.

The Randazzo/Montessori Smart-Start Learning System is Dr. Randazzo's latest contribution to education, his lifelong profession. Smart-Start provides parents with educational materials in the framework of a specially designed learning system, so that they can shape their children's education at home during the critical years of their young lives, from birth to age 6.

"If I have a mission, it's to encourage you to become your child's first and most important teacher. I want to show you how to help your child become the happy, well-adjusted and bright person that only you can help him be."

Through Smart-Start, every parent becomes a teacher, and every child becomes a successful learner.

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