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Randazzo Montessori Smart Start"The attitudes, biases, passions, gifts, abilities -- almost all the things that go into conditioning your child to succeed or fail; to reach his or her fullest potential and eventually become an independent, contributing member of society -- will be imprinted on your child's mind by age 6." - Dr. Joseph Randazzo

When Randazzo-Montessori Smart-Start System procedures are embraced by parents, teachers, or anyone else who works with young children in a love-based environment, it's expected that by age six the children will be able to:

  • Use basic skills of writing, reading and mathematics…effectively.
  • Listen attentively and follow instructions.
  • Ask and answer intelligent questions.
  • Persevere to complete work and tasks on time.
  • Adjust to new situations and take risks.
  • Trust, cooperate and relate to others.
  • Show a love for learning and nature, and a respect for the work, family and community ethic.
  • Use the basic organizational abilities to reason and to think critically and creatively.
  • Display the will, character, courage and confidence to face life's challenges.

"Do this now, and in your home…for it will not happen elsewhere. Do it now, and before the age of six…for it will not occur later." - Dr. Joseph Randazzo


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