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Randazzo Montessori Smart Start"A radical change is called for in the way children are raised and therefore educated…a new approach must be provided to coincide with our changing societal structure. The entrance of new citizens into our parenting stream from many and diverse sources has only underscored the importance of the family unit as teacher and the home as classroom." - James C. Rouman, MD

Whether purchased for yourself or as a "gift of love" for a new or expectant parent, grandparent or other care-giver -- for anyone who takes a child's welfare to heart -- the Randazzo/Montessori “Smart-Start” Early Learning System has been developed to support a variety of uses and addresses the numerous needs that exist in today's increasingly complex society:

For families living in rural or remote areas of America, or elsewhere where "established" pre-school programs may not be available -- Smart-Start's easy-to-follow, home-based approach to early learning and school readiness ensures children are fully prepared to enter the elementary grades; "up-to-speed" with writing, reading, spelling, logic and math skills.

"The home is the natural setting in which all children learn, and parents are their earliest and most effective teachers." - Dr. Elizabeth Brennan, Private School Administrator

For those looking to instill a unique sense of heritage in their young children, Smart-Start allows for the preservation of cultural imperatives and identities by placing control of the child's learning in the hands of the parents -- whether the child is being raised by American citizens or "ex-pats" living in a foreign country, in America by parents of non-U.S. origin, or by Native Americans with their own rich culture.

For existing preschools and current Head-Start programs, Smart-Start's curriculum and early literacy and readiness goals can be adopted to better prepare preschoolers for the primary grades -- for professional educators, the Randazzo/Montessori Smart-Start system offers a proven methodology for successful teaching and learning. And for private schools looking to succeed in the ever-more-competitive world of early education, Smart-Start is a "head start" when it comes to attracting new students.

For families whose primary in-home language is one other than English, the Smart-Start system offers a bilingual product that provides total immersion in speaking, writing and reading English during the earliest schooling years, thereby “leveling the playing field" for millions of children to move successfully into the mainstream of public education by first grade. For the very young, bilingual Smart-Start is one step on the road toward knowing two languages well.

Order Now. The Randazzo/Montessori Smart-Start Introductory product:, 2-in-1 printed volume /English Edition, $19.95 plus shipping or 2-CD Set/English Edition $29.95 plus shipping - either format including “Renaissance Child - Nurture the Genius in Your Young Child” and "Manual I: Home Start - The Infant/Toddler Program for children zero to three."


And for entrepreneurial parents -- or anyone else concerned with the welfare of young children -- Smart-Start initiatives can be used to create innovative Home Child Care and Preschool Programs following any of a variety of models:

Montessori Home Infant-Toddler and Preschool Co-ops

For children age zero to three and three to six, Smart-Start provides the tools and training necessary for creating private and community-sponsored infant-toddler and preschool co-ops in the home -- quality educational alternatives to traditional daycare, without the tax-and-spend consequences of building new facilities and offering transportation. And when organized under the aegis of an entity such as a state DCF, a faith-based charity or a public primary school, such sponsored programs can go beyond providing quality learning environments -- they can give parents valuable access to publicly funded, comprehensive health, education and social services.

Montessori Corporate Child Care Co-ops

For communities of parents within a corporate structure, Smart-Start provides everything needed to establish infant/toddler programs and preschools for mixed-age and diverse groups of children, age 9m-3 and 3-6. For the working parent, it's a quality childcare option that doesn’t involve expensive tuition or inconvenient transportation demands; for corporations it's a potentially valuable tax rebate -- and another way to increase employee retention while combating lateness and costly absenteeism.

Montessori Public Charter Preschools/Primary Schools

Parent/teacher groups, urban neighborhood or village councils, the mayor’s office, a school district itself…each and all can sponsor Smart-Start Public Charter Preschools or Primary Schools for mixed-age groups, each of whom will benefit from individualized and self-paced learning. Publicly funded charter schools have spearheaded reform in many of the nation’s elementary and high schools; Smart-Start Public Charter Preschools represent the revolution and reform in early education for which America has waited.


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