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"Joe Randazzo has fashioned a stunning breakthrough by showing us how children truly learn and grow…a compelling guide for every parent, every teacher -- everyone who works with young children." - John W. Lorton, Professor (ret.), University of New Orleans

The "make-it or break-it" years in every child's developmental life -- birth to age 6. During that brief precious time, a child's future achievement is most at-risk, for only with proper intellectual stimulation will the brain fully develop. It's for that purpose that the Montessori Smart-Start System was developed -- a high quality, early literacy and school readiness program that provides a commonsense and comprehensive program of early childhood education.

Smart-Start gives parents the tools, methods and educational toys they need to become their child's first and best teachers, with a complete family learning center -- all in the warmth, safety and security of the home.

The ABCs of our System

Based upon the pioneering traditions of Maria Montessori -- whose educational practices revolutionized the teaching of young children worldwide -- Smart-Start has extended, redefined, and revalidated the Montessori method based on the latest breakthroughs in neurobiology, psychology, and learning theory.

The "Smart-Start" program recognizes the existence of "multi-intelligences" in every child -- such as verbal, visual/spatial, social/emotional, musical and math/logic -- and addresses each through parent-directed activities and a variety of learning styles, not just the common and limited verbal mode. And, Smart-Start has identified the precise factors that enable every child to succeed, and has created activities through which parents can promote learning -- activities that develop the child's many intelligences.

Additionally, since certain "needs" may predominate and require more attention during a child's normal development, Smart-Start materials and toys are specifically "child-paced" to coincide with the biological "windows of opportunity" in each child's growth, year by year.

"The newborn's brain is like a sponge -- it has millions of neurons that require constant stimulation... from the very instant of birth. Through proper age-appropriate activities, the infant is not only exercising her brain, she's creating new brain cells... growing her own 'intelligences' with each well -- modulated interaction in her environment." -- Dr. Joseph Randazzo


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